Wednesday October 22nd 2014

Say no to a cheap labour future at ServiceOntario

Originally posted: Say no to a cheap labour future at ServiceOntario.

Hey Dalton McGuinty, any of the ADMs at ServiceOntario drive Porshes? You know, the ones you hired from the private sector?

Dalton, the next time you’re on Facebook, you should check out the Operation Maple page. You might learn something.

Specifically, you should watch this. This powerful video features the Oshawa workers of a U.S. call-centre company that ran out of town without paying its workers the wages, vacation and severance owed to them. The non-union workers of IQT Solutions in Oshawa earned $11.50- $14.00 an hour.

Listen to the emotion in the workers’ voices as they talk about not having enough money to pay their rent, their mortage, to buy food. Listen to the son of a worker who had his birthday party cancelled because his mom didn’t get the monies owed to her.

In contrast, the company’s CEO had apparently been on Twitter the week before boasting about buying a Porsche.

Is this the future we want for the people of Ontario?

Most of us would say no. But not Dalton McGuinty. Under his watch, the stage for the privatization of ServiceOntario is being set.

ServiceOntario notified OPSEU members today that the government is issuing a Request for Information – or RFI – to the private sector. This means the government wants to hear from companies about what parts of ServiceOntario they want to run for a profit. An RFI is not a request for bids. That comes later. The RFI process will tell the government whether there are companies out there willing to take over parts – or all – of ServiceOntario.

OPSEU represents 1,400 client service representatives at ServiceOntario. Women make up more than 80 per cent of the workforce.

The union will be fighting the privatization in the coming weeks and months.

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