Tuesday December 24th 2013

Letter to the Toronto Star Editor: End of the “Austerity Era”

Dear Editor:

When even the IMF is revising its hymn book to add a few verses about balancing austerity and cutbacks with spending you know we have reached the end of what we will soon call “the austerity era”. It will be characterized as a time when conservative economists held sway with conservative politicians and the result was disaster for economies, people and the environment. It will also be known as a time when ideology trumped everything: fairness, equality, common sense, even the very free-market principles that its proponents claimed to be supporting.

There are still a few holdouts on the world stage and even in Ontario (are you listening Tim Hudak) who have not yet let this message sink in. Let’s hope these holdouts see the light soon and learn from history’s mistakes instead of repeating them over and over and over again.

Chris Cormier

OPSEU Region 4 Executive Board Member
OPS Cerc Vice Chair
TF 18002687376
Twitter ID cor@456

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  • James W Breckenridge says:

    I am available for Organ and Tissue Donation Week in Canada
    April 21st to 28th . Please have a look at our website and our Public Service Announcement now airing across the Country.

    Thank you
    James W Breckenridge
    President and CEO
    the Canadian Transplant Society
    a Registered Canadian Charity

  • James W Breckenridge says:

    The Canadian Transplant Society had its best month ever in reaching the Canadian Public about the importance of registering to be an organ donor in Canada.
    Many thanks to all the people and companies that participated in the success of this registered charity in the month of April

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