Screening in Perth: Made in the USA

Sisters and Brothers

Please find attached a copy of our movie add/poster for the Perth town Hall presentation of “Made in the USA”.

It will answer most of you your 5 Ws. But to recap OPSEU the public service Union representing over 160,00 people of Ontario is sponsoring a showing of the 22 minute documentary “Made in the USA”. It is an expose of the terrible effects so called right to work laws have had on working people wages in South Carolina and the devastating ripple effect of working poverty has had on the state and indeed on all states which have right to work laws in place.

For instance working families struggling to make ends meet earn on average $3,000 a year less that similar two income families working in non-right to work states. Put quite simply Hudak’s proposed law would further impoverish working Ontario families and squarely place Ontario’s workers on the road to further economic hardship and ruin, and our province wide workplaces in a race to the bottom.  The bottom in terms of wages, benefits, pensions and workplace rights. This is nothing more than a further step taken to Medievalize not Modernize Ontario’s workplaces.

Income inequality is now the number one concern of Canadian families, Hudak and Harper are working desperately to increase that inequality.

Who  OPSEU the Ontario Public Service Employees Union

What Made in the USA

Where Perth Town Hall Council Chambers

When Thursday November 14th 7pm

Why To inform the Public on the drastic consequences that this proposed legislation will have on their lives.


Dave Lundy, Chris Cormier, Smokey Thomas
Your Executive Board Members  Region 4 OPSEU

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