Letter to the Editor: Caring, integrity and respect

Caring, integrity and respect, Algonquin College’s core values, or so they say. A recent action by the Colleges Boards of Governors has proven that these words are not worth the air it takes to deliver them.

Once more Ottawa’s citizens and college students are being taught the fact that for all the top levels of today’s government and corporate society, for today’s Leaders, morals and values are readily abandoned when money speaks. Algonquin’s leadership has decided that opening a money making campus in Saudi Arabia a country whose medieval values includes public floggings, crucifixions, and beheadings, where the sexes are segregated by law and woman are not allowed to drive, or even appear in public without a male relative as an escort. Reportedly the most homophobic country in the world, is not a betrayal of those values.

Is no one in charge paying attention? Are we so blinded by self-imposed austerity, so hungry for a buck that everything, including our core Canadian values, have become commodities for sale?

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