Letter to the Editor: In response to the Child Poverty article

In response to Canada failing poor children, families years after vow to eradicate poverty: report

Its time Canada had a guaranteed annual income that covered all Canadians to ensure that all of our citizens at least have some affordable measure of dignity! That would automatically help children because their parents would have more money for food, clothing and shelter, but it would also start addressing some other segments of society that desperately need our help. This would include Aboriginal Canadians and people with disabilities as well as seniors who are trying to eke out an existence on OAS and CPP. Raise CPP and lift our seniors out of poverty. Income inequality is shamefully the worst it has ever been. Families earning minimum wage incomes even working fulltime can no longer make enough to live on. Make the minimum wage a living wage.

We have the highest level of homelessness and longest waiting lists for affordable housing in our nation’s history. The long term impacts of homelessness and substandard housing on children, on our mental health, on our public health system is staggering, yet the Harper Regime blithely informs us there is no money to house the homeless, care for our veterans, our seniors, or ensure that the over 400,000 hungry children in this country get enough to eat. This after tens of billions of dollars of our nation’s wealth has been wasted on utterly irresponsible corporate tax giveaways to corporations who are already sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of dead money. The corruption we see now being played out in the House of Commons, in Senate Committees is staggering, worse though is the utter and complete incapacity for empathy the Harper Regime demonstrates daily towards Canadian families and key Canadian values of fairness and respect.

David Lundy

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