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Email your MPP now to save ServiceOntario

An important message from President Warren (Smokey) Thomas  

I have sent a letter to the Premier, calling on the government to immediately withdraw the section of its budget bill that will privatize ServiceOntario.

ServiceOntario is a huge money-maker for the province. This government operation annually earns $2.7 billion in revenues on $270 million in operating costs. That is a 10-to-1 return on investment! These revenues fund the public services that Ontarians rely on.

We need your help to make this campaign a success.

1. Please share and post my letter on union bulletin boards.

2. E-mail your MPP now. Use this online tool to tell your MPP to keep ServiceOntario public. Encourage your colleagues and friends to do the same.

3. Share the link on Facebook and Twitter.

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In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas


Choose Public Day

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Two days after the release of a budget that will cut billions of dollars from public services, members in workplaces across the union came to work dressed in black and wearing Choose Public wristbands or stickers. Click here to read more from OPSEU.

Below are images shared with  If you would like to share your Region 4 Choose Public Day photos, please email the website administrator,

For a full listing of photos from all of OPSEU, please check

Choose Public Day, Thursday, March 29

Public services meet our most basic needs and reduce inequality. With the public sector you get better services, lower costs, equal access and good jobs in your community. With Dalton McGuinty, you get cuts and privatization.

Programs everywhere are under attack.

It’s time to make our voices heard. Spending cuts and privatization won’t make Ontario stronger.

That’s why we’ve designated Thursday, March 29 as Choose Public Day. This is two days after the government is expected to announce further deep spending cuts and job losses in the provincial budget.

On March 29 we ask all members to:

  • Dress in black.
  • Wear a Choose Public sticker.
  • Wear a Choose Public wristband (previously ordered by locals).
  • Take a flyer and post it.
  • Participate in a group photo and send pics to

Your local union representatives will distribute the stickers and flyers closer to the day.

Please wear the sticker and show that you support public services.

In solidarity,


Warren (Smokey) Thomas

roxanne barnes

Roxanne Barnes
Chair, Central Enforcement and Renewal Committee

MEMO TO: All OPSEU members in the Ontario Public Service
FROM: President Warren (Smokey) Thomas
Roxanne Barnes, Chair, Central Enforcement and Renewal Committee
Subject: Choose Public Day, Thursday, March 29

OPSEU members in Kingston to take their message to the public: Save ServiceOntario


Please join Local 432 members who work at the ServiceOntario office on John Counter Boulevard on Tuesday morning. They will distribute critical information at both entrances about the further privatization of ServiceOntario.

What:  Information picket
Tuesday, March 20
What time:
7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
1355 John Counter Blvd., Kingston

The union is concerned that privatization will severely reduce Ontarians access to front line services. As well, OPSEU believes privatization will jeopardize the security of Ontarians’ personal information.

ServiceOntario provides valuable government ID including the enhanced driver’s license, health card and Ontario photo card.  This ID allows Ontarians to cross the border, access health care and open a bank account. ServiceOntario expects to handle 48 million transactions in 2012.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan announced on February 13 that the government will hand over ServiceOntario to a so-called “public-private partnership.”

The information picket is organized by Local 432, with support from the Kingston Area Council.

OPSEU information picket protests privatization

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Fellow OPSEU union members joined staff from the ServiceOntario office at Pitt Street on their lunch hour Monday to hold an information picket. The union is concerned that finance minister Dwight Duncan’s plan to create a “public-private partnership” for ServiceOntario will reduce access to front line services and jeopardize the security of Ontarians’ personal information.

ServiceOntario provides government identification including the enhanced driver’s license, health card, Ontario photo card, fishing and hunting cards.  ServiceOntario expects to handle 48 million transactions in 2012.

Chris Cormier, executive board member for region 4 (Eastern Ontario OPSEU) said “further privatization will increase the risk of identity theft and fraud and all or part of the $2.7 billion that Service Ontario currently contributes to government revenues will go to the profit of a private corporation instead of helping to fund the public services we all rely on. ServiceOntario earns $10 in revenue for every $1 it spends.”

OPSEU Local 448 president Patti Markland noted the impact on the six local employess and 2,000 members across the province.
“People prefer to obtain valuable government documents in person from a professional public employee, not at a computer kiosk.”

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